Red Tape

About a month ago the United States Air Force Academy called me.  The art director there is a former student of mine and she was inquiring about me coming out there to teach.  Fast foward to yesterday when she called me again.  She needed some information from me.  Seems in order for me to teach there, I have to be put on a government contract.  I gave her the information she needed and she told me that I would get a call in a week or so from somebody higher up in the system to verifiy and get yet more info.

Seems like an aweful lot of work just to let me come on the base (which is an open base) and teach.


Yesterday and today were spent at Woodland Park High School teaching their art and jewelry class some chianmaille.  Last semester we taught them a byzantine pattern, this time we decided on HP 3-1.  All the students finished a “stretch” bracelet and had a great time.  There were even a few that got bit by the chainmaille bug and got some extra rings to start their next project!

We’d like to thank Woodland Park High School for having us up again.  We always have a blast.

Hard at work
Hard at work