We have hinted that we have a lot in store for you in the coming year.  There are a number of cool things on the horizon, spread throughout the year.  It’s time to let you in on one of the things that is going to happen quick.

We are changing our website.  Don’t worry too much, the core of it will be the same.  What we are doing though, is changing some navigation to make it easier to find the things that seem to be asked about the most.  For example, scales will get it’s own category.  We are also going to tweak the site search engine to also make it easier to find the things you are searching for.   We will be adding a feature or two that we are not ready to give away just yet, and we will improving some of the functionality for you.  Most of these changes will be slight and you will start to see them over the next week or two.  Sometime in January, we will do a big update, and that will require the site to be down for a short bit.  Not to worry, we will give you warning so we don’t scare you too much.

Sometime after that big update, we will start in with the big surprises.  😀

Store usage

We have received a few questions about the new shopping cart, and there seems to be a couple that keep getting asked, so we thought we would try to help explain.


To enter a coupon, you have to view your cart.  Using the quick checkout will not enable you to enter a coupon code.


In the upper left hand corner you will see a brief outline of your shopping cart.  You can either click the shopping bag and go to your cart, or click the items, which will then open a larger view, and click the “view cart” button.




Once you have your cart open, under your items, you will see “What would you like to do next?”


You have the option of entering a coupon code, entering a gift voucher (gift certificate), or seeing all shipping options and prices.

Choose which you would like, and enter your information.

After that is done, you will have the opportunity to enter billing/shipping address, edit shipping method, enter payment and complete your order.


As a special note, we had it set by default that you must be logged in to apply any code.  We have now changed it so you can enter it at any time, but you will still have to be logged in to check out.



One of the big new features is that you can order any quantity you want of an item (over a set minimum)
On any given product page, under the price and pricing discounts, you will see the quantity box


This box is originally populated with the minimum for that item.  You can use the  + or – buttons to change the quantity, but these will only increase (or decrease) by 1.  If you would like to order 3.50 oz of a ring, you will need to type it in.  If you change the number, then try to add less than the minimum quantity, it will let you add it to the cart, but it won’t let you check out.  It will show you which item you have that is less than the minimum.


We are sure there will be other questions that are worth an explanation here, and we will continue to do so.  Don’t be shy, let us know if you don’t understand something.  Chances are if you don’t, somebody else doesn’t either.

And remember, It’s In The Maille!