New scale construction

If you follow us on Facebook, you know we posted a new idea we wanted to share with you.  (If you don’t follow us, you should. )  If you saw our post, what you may not have noticed is that the construction of the scales was different than normal.  In working with designs that span multiple scales, we wanted more room.  We found when you stack scales with the normal European 4-1 construction, so much space is lost on everything but the front scale.  We wanted to change that.

Instead of  using the traditional Euro 4-1 construction, we used a gridlock construction.  It drops all the scales down further giving us more room to put designs on all the scales.  The one thing we have noted is that doing it this way tends to cup the scales back, the further (longer) you go with it.  We have made lots of earrings with this method, but haven’t gone any further, so we can’t tell you how it would work out for larger projects.

If you do something with it this way, drop us a note and let us know how it works out for you.


For the more visual among us, here is a picture of the “gridlock” construction.








Let the Riot begin!

Last Saturday marked another fundraiser for the Rocky Mountain Riot, the local co-ed banked roller derby team. Delia Doom, one of the team members ordered a chainmaille bikini top, epilates, and D ring chain to accent a corset she recently bought.  She wore it for the first time at this event.

The bikini top was made by me  from 16g 5/16 BA and EPDM, using a  traditional European 6-1 wave. Shoulder epilates were created by Curt and I using scales and accenting spikes. While the chain connecting the two D rings on the corset was made with a  Celtic visions weave  in square stainless 16-K and 18-G  by Curt

The entire outfit looked incredible together, she truly fit the part of a roller derby gal.

(Click pictures for larger version)

Here is a close up of the epilates.

Make sure to also check out their team site at