Thank You!

As most of you know we had the grand opening of our new store this past Saturday.  I would like to take a moment to thank everybody.  The turn out we had far surpassed any thing I could have imagined.  Simply put it was amazing.  So I would like to thank everybody that came out.

I would also like to thank all of our long distance customers who took the time to write us and congratulate us, as well as wish us luck in our new store.  It was a very nice gesture that we won’t soon forget.

A big thanks to the Rocky Mountain Riot as well for coming out.  We had several players show up and help us out the entire day, as well as trying to recruit some new skaters for them.  The founder even went out on the main road with our big banner!  Turns out one of the players is a chainmailler and is now making the team bracelets in team colors.

At the start of the day, after we got things set up I started taking some pictures.

Here are the mini muffins we had

We also had fruit trays, juice, coffee, and soda.  Yeah, I didn’t get a picture of those.

Here are some of the racks of findings, tools, and books. (click for larger)

Findings, tools, books

And some of the finished pieces Tania and I have made. (click for larger)


Now, you remember me saying how many people showed up right?  This is about the point they started coming in, and I had a line of people waiting to talk to me the rest of the day.

Yeah, that means I took no more pictures, but no fear, we have a few more courtesy of Mikes father.

Here is Mike and his son, Connor, in Mikes work area.

Mike, Connor

Tania and Breann weighing out some rings.

Tania, Breann

One of the Rocky Mountain Riot players in Taina’s scale top.

yeah baby

And the Riot’s table of swag

Rocky Mountain Riot

For those that have asked, I will get more pictures of our store and get them posted as time permits.  (We do have a lot of rings to pack and ship still)

In the mean time, if you are close, stop on by and have a look!

Let the Riot begin!

Last Saturday marked another fundraiser for the Rocky Mountain Riot, the local co-ed banked roller derby team. Delia Doom, one of the team members ordered a chainmaille bikini top, epilates, and D ring chain to accent a corset she recently bought.  She wore it for the first time at this event.

The bikini top was made by me  from 16g 5/16 BA and EPDM, using a  traditional European 6-1 wave. Shoulder epilates were created by Curt and I using scales and accenting spikes. While the chain connecting the two D rings on the corset was made with a  Celtic visions weave  in square stainless 16-K and 18-G  by Curt

The entire outfit looked incredible together, she truly fit the part of a roller derby gal.

(Click pictures for larger version)

Here is a close up of the epilates.

Make sure to also check out their team site at

Rocky Mountain Riot

There is a new sports team in town!  The Rocky Mountain Riot is a co-ed, banked track roller derby team.  We were contacted by them a couple of weeks ago and asked to help out with a fundraiser.  My brother in law is on the team, so I figured why not.  Not to mention the fact that we like roller derby anyway.  So we donated a bunch of keychains and cellphone charms to put in goody bags that were handed out at the event today, and a square stainless steel Gridlock byzantine bracelet that went in silent auction.

Because I can’t do anything the easy way, I also decided to make a new top, that Jenn ended up sporting.  It was a beautiful day for it.

We also brought a few of our glow in the dark chainmaille hacky sacks, which were a hit.  There was lots of food, 5 live bands, and a good time for all.

I don’t know who this little dude was, but he kept changing wigs and corsets and walking around saying his name was “Juanita”.  He was a hoot.

And since we did this for the team, I can’t leave you without a team picture.

They are having another event next weekend, so if you are in the area, come on out.