Moving / construction update

Hopefully by now you know we are moving in a matter of a couple days.  If you don’t follow us on facebook (you should) you may not have seen some of the updates we have been posting over there, so we thought we could put a few of them up here for you to see. (click on thumbnail to see larger picture)

So what’s new……

Here is the back production area pretty much empty.  That’s Curt’s truck in the back.






  Here is that same area getting all cleaned.

What are we going to put back here you ask?  Well, both our saws, the area for coiling, packing/shipping stations, all our tumblers, and a new larger area for going through all the rings.  Oh yea, lots of shelves too.  Some of them quite large.




  Ok, so some of the shelving isn’t so much shelving as it it pallet racking.  This will hold all our wire and some of our back stock of anodized aluminum.  It’s 25 foot long and 10ft tall.






  We know some of our local customers are quite anxious to come to the new store , which will be much easier to find.  Not only direction wise, but because of the totally awesome sign we are putting on our window.