Lindstrom 47i, part 2

So last week I posted about the Lindstrom 47i pliers I had gotten from them.  Shortly after I posted, they posted on twitter about our writeup, and sent me a message telling me to watch our mailbox.  To top it off, they even called to let us know.  (To the person that called, sorry we missed your call.  We would have called you back but our machine ate most of your message and we couldn’t make out your name or number)

Low and behold, yesterday we got a new set of pliers.  According to the tweet we got from them, these pliers were “super-radiused”.  What a difference!!.  My main criticism of the original set was the very tip was rough and I was concerned about marring of rings.   Well, that concern is all gone now.  These are super smooth and wonderful to work with.  I tried them out on some 22g anodized niobium and they were a complete pleasure to work with.  Not a single scratch on the rings, and the pliers performed wonderfully.

So not only does Lindstrom get 2 pliers up for over achievement in customer service, I highly recommend these pliers for small rings or tiny detail work.

Thanks Lindstrom, you guys rock!

Lindstrom 47i pliers

A few weeks ago I won some Lindstrom pliers on Twitter.  (@lindstrom_USA if you want to follow them)  Today they asked what I thought of them.  Since you have limited space on Twitter, I figured I would write them up here.

First, let me say I was excited when I won.  I have lots of pliers, and I like them all for different reasons and different uses.  I knew these would be a chain nose plier, and I knew they were a new product.  Anybody who uses pliers for jewelry probably knows the name Lindstrom, and their reputation.  Who wouldn’t want a pair for free?

When I first received them I was quite surprised just how long and tiny the nose was.  These will really get into some tight spaces, that’s for sure.  The handles have a nice foam padding, return springs that seem to be quite hardy, and overall nicely constructed, just as you would expect from them.  They advertise the handle as 4 1/2″, which is a bit small for my big paws, but I am used to it, and quite honestly, with such a fine tip, I think I would have had problems had the handles been any longer.  The jaws have a nice finish to them, and the edge is not sharp, so they should not mar your delicate rings. Because the tip is so fine, I think I would worry about using them on anything bigger than 20g in a soft metal.

I did notice that while the side edge of the jaws had a nice, non sharp edge, the front edge on the tip was not quite as smooth.  This has no effect on how I use them, but it might come up for others.

My only other issue was that I only had one.  I am very used to using 2 of the same plier, and it made me feel lopsided.  = )

Lindstrom 47i plier

For those that will ask, the bracelet is a European 4-1 on the Bias.  22g, 5/64″ ID in sterling silver.  Approx 8″ long and contains approx 1300 rings.  (and no, I did not use any magnification to build it)

Overall, this is a very nice plier that will find a home on my bench for the tiny/tight patterns I like to do.

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