Anodized aluminum

We get questions almost daily about AA.  Some are easy to answer, some are not.  Some we are not ready to answer.  This post will take care of some of all of those.
First, we want to remind you we have a page set up specifically to show what AA is out at the anodizer and being worked on.  You can find it here:

AA stock page

Now, what’s not on that list.  12g AA.  Have no fear, all the colors we don’t currently have in stock are out at the anodizer in addition to what is on that list.  All of the 12g rings, and most of what is on that list, we hope to have back in just over a week.  There are a couple that will take a week or so longer.

Also not on that list, but at the anodizer (and in the little longer category) is 20g 1/8″ Black.  That’s right, we have started making 20g AA.  This is a long term project.  The rings are so little, they take so long to make, so we have paced this project for the YEAR.  The listing for them is already up on our site, but only available colors are up. (Currently just red)  As we get colors back, we will add them.  We chose to do it this way so our “Notify when back in stock” feature doesn’t get flooded.

Can you handle a second surprise?
If not, stop reading now, if you think you can, read on.
We are also starting to make 16g 3/16″ AA.  They should start showing up in a little over a month.  These are a little faster to make, so we are likely to put up a block of colors at a time.

As always, we are happy to look at making other sizes, but we need to hear from you to do so.  So, if there is another size you would like to see us do, let us know.

And remember, It’s in the Maille!!



20g stainless steel rings

Many of you have kept after us to do 20g stainless steel rings.  If you have been around for a while, you know that we have tried.  We have had issues with the temper of the wire, we have had issues with the alloy, and pretty much anything else you can think of.  It has been very frustrating for us, and we are sure for you to, but you also know we won’t sell rings we aren’t happy with.

We are happy to say that is all over.  Once again we went right to a mill and had them make wire to our specifications.  So now, like all of our stainless square, our 20g round is now a 316L stainless (this is top of the line, surgical grade), half hard.   We literally purchased a ton of this wire, so no need to worry about us running out too quick.

This wire has just arrived, so it will take us a bit of time to get all the sizes coiled and cut, but rest assured we are working hard to get it done.

And remember, It’s in the Maille!


New square wire rings

We have received lots of requests to be able to make a square dragonscale with both rings the same gauge, and other than 20g. So with that we have made 18-M rings. Copper and stainless steel are already up in the store. Bronze and red brass will follow shortly.

We have also made a new size…..”N” Also up in the store in copper and stainless 18 gauge, with others to follow. This is the large ring we used to make the Viper basket below. (with a 18-G small ring)

Viper Basket

500th sale winner

While we were holding our 400 or 500? contest, we were keeping a secret.  I do that sometimes, it’s to keep you on your toes.  We decided our 500th sale on Etsy would get an extra surprise in their package.  We have done this a couple times now, and it’s always a blast for us.  That person completed their purchase this morning.  Congratulations to kareneliza008!

She happens to be a longstanding customer of ours who loves to work with jumprings.  Tiny jump rings to be exact.  I have made her lots of 22g 5/64″ in many different metals.  One of these days I hope she shows us what she makes.

In the mean time, she will be getting a nice assortment of jump rings to feed her muse as her prize.

We’d also like to take a moment to thank all of our customers.  No matter if you are a new customer, or a long standing one, we appreciate your business and the opportunity you give us everytime you order.  Without you we wouldn’t get to do what we love.

Remember, It’s in the Maille!

New rings in stock

We are still working on getting all our bronze rings up on the site.  One last batch is in the tumbler getting all purdy for you, then they will all be added.  In the mean time we took the opportunity to add 3 new rings for you.  First up we have 2 new niobium sizes.  18g, 3/16 and 18g, 1/4″.  We have also started stocking a new anodized aluminum size as we have had a number of requests for it.  16g, 5/16″ is now available in limited quantities.  If these prove to be something you want us to keep, we will.

Remember, It’s in the Maille.

Rings, rings and rings

A lot of you have noticed we have been very quite of late.  Let me assure you while we may have been quiet, we have also been hard at work.

We have installed a new inventory program here so we can better track what we have in stock and what we need to order from our suppliers.  As some of you have already noticed, we have also started using it to print out our sales receipts.  We recently had to go from 1 day shipping to 2 days, but we hope these recent changes let us go back to 1 day.  Of course it will always be dependant on how many orders we have in cue at any time.

We have also been cutting LOTS of rings.  We are in the process of getting them all up on the web site, but if you want a look at what will be, have a look at the red brass section.  Not only have we listed all but a couple of what will be “stock” rings, we have changed how we display the information for our rings.  We believe this format is easier for you to read, and we have added a bit of information that was lacking before.  Soon all of the sections will look like this.

Now the really good news.  With all that we have done in the red brass section, and with the new inventory program, we took a look at our prices and made some changes.  Almost everything was lowered, and there is also now a 10% discount for anything over 1 oz.  As we add and update other sections, we anticipate being able to do the same thing to them.

Bronze will be the next section we work on, and that should be sometime next week.  Then look for the aluminum.  Somewhere between the two, we will also be adding some new niobium sizes.

As always, we welcome your suggestions and feedback.

And remember, it’s in the maille.

New rings, new product layout

As promised, we have added several new sizes of red brass jump rings to our store this week.  We also added a couple of stainless steel square jump rings.  Ever seen saw cut 16g stainless steel jump rings for JPL?  No?  Well, you have now.

While we were adding new products, we also took the opportunity to change the layout of the information that is important to us chainmaillers.  You will now find actual wire diameter, actual ID ( both in inches and MM), AR, and rings per ounce.  As we add more rings later this week, we will also be changing the rest of the listings so they all look the same.

We will start by adding some new bronze rings, probably tomorrow.  Keep an eye out.

And remember, It’s in the Maille

New rings in stock

As we continue to grow we keep adding new rings in different metals and lots of sizes.  The first group is up and ready.  Yesterday we added a bunch of new red brass rings, in many different sizes.  We are finishing up on even more that we hope to have up by the end of the week.

Next up is a bunch of square stainless steel jump rings.  Yes, these are all saw cut, and in a few sizes you won’t find anywhere else!

Stay tuned

C&T Designs now at the Bead Corner

We are happy to announce that not only will we be now teaching at the Bead Corner in Monument, but they will be carrying a full line of our jump rings.

Our class schedule will be posted later today, and they already have a full line of rings just waiting to feed your muse.  Bronze, brass, copper, niobium, silver, aluminum, if you need it, they probably have it.

200 or 250? winners

We had nearly 100 entries in total for this contest, which was a little more than I thought we might get.  We appreciate everybody’s participation!

I decided this was too many entries for just one prize, so we did one for each catagory.

Who won?

I’m not telling!

ok, ok, I won’t do that again.

In the “purchase” category, Mossfox was our winner.  She will be getting a package of assorted niobium and silver jump rings, valued at $40

Square sterling silver jump rings
Square sterling silver jump rings

In the “feedback” category, Avionmaille was our winner.  She will be getting a package of square sterling jump rings, valued at $40.

Gold fill jump rings
Gold fill jump rings

In our “comment” category, April (AKA G&A Maille) was our winner.  She will be getting some brand new, not even released Gold fill “diamond” jump rings designed for JPL, valued at $40

Once again, we would like to thank everybody who participated and we hope our winners enjoy their rings.

If you haven’t seen, we do have another contest running right now.  We are giving away a free print from infivision on artfire.  Check it out, he’s got some really nice photo’s.

Remember, we may do this again at anytime, so keep checking back with us.