New square wire ring uses

We are always playing with our square wire rings to find more uses for them and pass that information on to you.  So today is the first of the updates.

Japanese Bulls eye is a pattern by our friend Rebeca over at Blue Buddha Boutique. I have always liked this pattern, and have come up with sizes in our square rings that will work for it.

These will use 16-K, 18-I and 20-C square rings.  You can also find kits for them in our shop here.

I have also confirmed that using 16-K, 18-K and 20-K rings will give you a nice graduated full persian pattern that looks great as an earring or pendant.

I have also confirmed that a 20-M argentium square ring used in combination with a 20g 1/8″ niobium ring makes a wonderful dragonscale.  The shine of the colors bouncing off the argentium is amazing.

Inspired by a customer who sent us a picture of one she had done, Jenn put together a dragontail bracelet that uses 18-K square argentium and 18g 5/32″ niobium.  We also have a kit for this bracelet here.

We will get all of these added to our square wire weave chart very soon.