Introducing The Gauntlet: Monthly Maille Throwdown

Want to have some fun?
Want to test your abilities?
Want to be challenged?

Well, here it is.
Introducing The Gauntlet: Monthly Maille Throwdown.
Every month is a new contest, with a new theme.  A featured artist versus everybody else.  Last one standing gets a $25 store credit to C&T Designs, bragging rights, and will be the featured artist the next month.
A complete list of rules can be found here

First months challenge?
Byzantine.  Anything and everything byzantine.  Byzantine variants, byzantine with beads, byzantine with other weaves.
Need some examples?
biasbyz-002     bastardbyz-001bbyz-001chainbyz





Since this is new and we don’t have a winner for last month, hence no featured artist, we have picked one.  Lauren of Edge Metal Elegance.  We will tell you a little bit more about Lauren in a post tomorrow.

New blog look, features

A couple weeks ago we had a facelift to the store.  That made the blog look even more outdated, so we had to do something about that.  You’ll now notice everything is nice and uniform across the site, regardless of where you go.

While we were getting that fixed, we figured why not do a little extra.  If you look up at the top of the page you will see a couple new tabs.  Customer gallery and C&T Gallery.  We will be using the C&T gallery to put up some items that hopefully will inspire you.  The customer gallery is for you to use and hopefully inspire others, so show us what you have made.

We will also be using the new gallery for a couple contests and give aways, so keep your eyes open or grab the RSS feed!

Remember, It’s in the Maille!

500th sale winner

While we were holding our 400 or 500? contest, we were keeping a secret.  I do that sometimes, it’s to keep you on your toes.  We decided our 500th sale on Etsy would get an extra surprise in their package.  We have done this a couple times now, and it’s always a blast for us.  That person completed their purchase this morning.  Congratulations to kareneliza008!

She happens to be a longstanding customer of ours who loves to work with jumprings.  Tiny jump rings to be exact.  I have made her lots of 22g 5/64″ in many different metals.  One of these days I hope she shows us what she makes.

In the mean time, she will be getting a nice assortment of jump rings to feed her muse as her prize.

We’d also like to take a moment to thank all of our customers.  No matter if you are a new customer, or a long standing one, we appreciate your business and the opportunity you give us everytime you order.  Without you we wouldn’t get to do what we love.

Remember, It’s in the Maille!

200 or 250?

Every once in a while I get a wild hair and do some kind of promotion.  I use the term promotion loosely, because I don’t always promote it for various reasons.  I did this not too long ago with our Etsy store and the winner was quite surprised when she got her box.

Well, I have decided to do it again, but this time I am promoting it.

Here is how it will work:

Right now we have a little under 250 sales and a little under 200 feedbacks for our Etsy store.  Starting at 12 midnight tonight and the time we reach BOTH 200 feedbacks AND 250 sales, I will take every name that has purchased something, or left a feedback in that time frame and have a little drawing.

But wait, there’s more…….

So there is “no purchase necessary” I will also take everybodies name who posts a comment here and add it in the mix.


How many prizes will there be?

I’m not telling.  There may be 1.  There may be 2.  There may be one for each group.

What will I win?

I’m not telling.  Don’t expect a $200 sterling silver bracelet though.

How will I know if I won?

I’m not telling.  (Do you spot a trend here?)

Ok, I’ll tell you that one.  I will post the winner(s) here on our blog.  If you have purchased/left feedback, well, I already have your address and I will send it to you.  If you leave a comment here and win, I will contact you for your address, so make sure you leave an e-mail (no I won’t spam you) address with your post, or you have one associated with your profile.

Who doesn’t like something for free?

Linked to the Sea Contest

The etsy chainmaillers guild “Linked to the Sea” contest is up and waiting for your vote.  There are 22 wonderful entries, picking your favorite 2 could prove difficult.  Not only can you vote, but if you leave contact information you could win a prize!

Stop by and vote for your favorites.

Etsy Chainmaillers Team Trunk Show

Come join us on Sept. 14th in the Etsy Virtual Labs for a Trunk Show.  Team members will be on hand to talk about chainmaille in general, but will also talk about some of their creations and how they do what they do.  The excitement starts at 7:00 pm EST.

You will also be able to vote on our “Linked to the Sea” contest.