We told you it was coming, and here it is.  We are officially in our new space and have started working on it to fit us.  First thing was to knock down some walls so the two spaces were connected.


As much as we like making things, we like tearing stuff down too.   Mike got to take the first swing and show the drywall who’s boss.




As we have mentioned, most of our expansion will be behind the scenes.  We are adding more storage space, more shop space, offices for the whole staff, and at some point next year we hope to expand our showroom.  However, if you are local to us, and wanted us to do more classes, you are in luck.  One of the other things we are doing right away is making a training center.  In fact, it’s already done.


If you are interested in taking classes from us, we have an email list you can sign up for in the store, or drop us a note here and we can get you added as well.  We hope to do a general “Maille day” before the end of the month.  This will be a day for everybody to come in and meet other maillers in the area, chat, share tip and tricks, and in general relax.  This will be at no cost, and while a member of C&T Staff will be there, they will be there in the same capacity and not there to actually teach anything specific.

If you have a specific pattern you really want us to teach, let us know.  We try to base our classes on what you want us to do.


And remember, It’s in the Maille.

C&T Designs now at the Bead Corner

We are happy to announce that not only will we be now teaching at the Bead Corner in Monument, but they will be carrying a full line of our jump rings.

Our class schedule will be posted later today, and they already have a full line of rings just waiting to feed your muse.  Bronze, brass, copper, niobium, silver, aluminum, if you need it, they probably have it.

C&T Now teaching at the US Air Force Academy

If you remember back in Sept of last year we posted about teaching at the US Air Force Academy.  Well, it took a bit of time, but we are now official military contractors.

Our first 2 classes have been scheduled and will be added to our calender shortly.  They will also be announced through the USAFA publications.  After our first class, they will also be doing an article on what we do.  It should also have some photographs since chainmaille is very visual.

So, for those that have been asking us the last couple of months when we would be there, the answer is now.

We will see you soon!

Red Tape

About a month ago the United States Air Force Academy called me.  The art director there is a former student of mine and she was inquiring about me coming out there to teach.  Fast foward to yesterday when she called me again.  She needed some information from me.  Seems in order for me to teach there, I have to be put on a government contract.  I gave her the information she needed and she told me that I would get a call in a week or so from somebody higher up in the system to verifiy and get yet more info.

Seems like an aweful lot of work just to let me come on the base (which is an open base) and teach.