Thank You!

As most of you know we had the grand opening of our new store this past Saturday.  I would like to take a moment to thank everybody.  The turn out we had far surpassed any thing I could have imagined.  Simply put it was amazing.  So I would like to thank everybody that came out.

I would also like to thank all of our long distance customers who took the time to write us and congratulate us, as well as wish us luck in our new store.  It was a very nice gesture that we won’t soon forget.

A big thanks to the Rocky Mountain Riot as well for coming out.  We had several players show up and help us out the entire day, as well as trying to recruit some new skaters for them.  The founder even went out on the main road with our big banner!  Turns out one of the players is a chainmailler and is now making the team bracelets in team colors.

At the start of the day, after we got things set up I started taking some pictures.

Here are the mini muffins we had

We also had fruit trays, juice, coffee, and soda.  Yeah, I didn’t get a picture of those.

Here are some of the racks of findings, tools, and books. (click for larger)

Findings, tools, books

And some of the finished pieces Tania and I have made. (click for larger)


Now, you remember me saying how many people showed up right?  This is about the point they started coming in, and I had a line of people waiting to talk to me the rest of the day.

Yeah, that means I took no more pictures, but no fear, we have a few more courtesy of Mikes father.

Here is Mike and his son, Connor, in Mikes work area.

Mike, Connor

Tania and Breann weighing out some rings.

Tania, Breann

One of the Rocky Mountain Riot players in Taina’s scale top.

yeah baby

And the Riot’s table of swag

Rocky Mountain Riot

For those that have asked, I will get more pictures of our store and get them posted as time permits.  (We do have a lot of rings to pack and ship still)

In the mean time, if you are close, stop on by and have a look!

New square wire rings, weave chart and more

We have been working hard to bring you even more square wire ring designs.  Today we have publish a F.A.Q page, a weave chart complete with ring counts and pictures of all the patterns we have put together, and added 13 new rings.  Over the course of the next few days you will see even more new rings, and even more new patterns.  If there is a specific pattern you would like to see, let us know and we will see what we can come up with.

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Lindstrom 47i, part 2

So last week I posted about the Lindstrom 47i pliers I had gotten from them.  Shortly after I posted, they posted on twitter about our writeup, and sent me a message telling me to watch our mailbox.  To top it off, they even called to let us know.  (To the person that called, sorry we missed your call.  We would have called you back but our machine ate most of your message and we couldn’t make out your name or number)

Low and behold, yesterday we got a new set of pliers.  According to the tweet we got from them, these pliers were “super-radiused”.  What a difference!!.  My main criticism of the original set was the very tip was rough and I was concerned about marring of rings.   Well, that concern is all gone now.  These are super smooth and wonderful to work with.  I tried them out on some 22g anodized niobium and they were a complete pleasure to work with.  Not a single scratch on the rings, and the pliers performed wonderfully.

So not only does Lindstrom get 2 pliers up for over achievement in customer service, I highly recommend these pliers for small rings or tiny detail work.

Thanks Lindstrom, you guys rock!

Lindstrom 47i pliers

A few weeks ago I won some Lindstrom pliers on Twitter.  (@lindstrom_USA if you want to follow them)  Today they asked what I thought of them.  Since you have limited space on Twitter, I figured I would write them up here.

First, let me say I was excited when I won.  I have lots of pliers, and I like them all for different reasons and different uses.  I knew these would be a chain nose plier, and I knew they were a new product.  Anybody who uses pliers for jewelry probably knows the name Lindstrom, and their reputation.  Who wouldn’t want a pair for free?

When I first received them I was quite surprised just how long and tiny the nose was.  These will really get into some tight spaces, that’s for sure.  The handles have a nice foam padding, return springs that seem to be quite hardy, and overall nicely constructed, just as you would expect from them.  They advertise the handle as 4 1/2″, which is a bit small for my big paws, but I am used to it, and quite honestly, with such a fine tip, I think I would have had problems had the handles been any longer.  The jaws have a nice finish to them, and the edge is not sharp, so they should not mar your delicate rings. Because the tip is so fine, I think I would worry about using them on anything bigger than 20g in a soft metal.

I did notice that while the side edge of the jaws had a nice, non sharp edge, the front edge on the tip was not quite as smooth.  This has no effect on how I use them, but it might come up for others.

My only other issue was that I only had one.  I am very used to using 2 of the same plier, and it made me feel lopsided.  = )

Lindstrom 47i plier

For those that will ask, the bracelet is a European 4-1 on the Bias.  22g, 5/64″ ID in sterling silver.  Approx 8″ long and contains approx 1300 rings.  (and no, I did not use any magnification to build it)

Overall, this is a very nice plier that will find a home on my bench for the tiny/tight patterns I like to do.

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History, Chainmaille, and the circle of life

This will a bit different entry than you are used to seeing from us here, but it’s important to me and kind of ties into what we do here.

I had originally planed to write this last year, on this exact date, but alas, there were greater plans for me. I ended up in the hospital having emergency surgery. Why is this day important? Today marks the 2 year anniversary of my grandfathers passing, and now the 1 year anniversary of my surgery.

My Grandfather was one of the kindest, generous, warm hearted, friendly people you could ever hope to know. When I “Grow up”, I hope I can be even half the man he was.

Flash back to 15 or so years ago. My grandmother and him gave me a brick of silver. I put it in a safe and left it there.

In 2007 we knew he was sick (cancer) and didn’t have much more time with us. I took that brick of silver, had it turned into wire, and made everybody in the family some chainmaille out of it. This included my grandfather. This was my Christmas gift to everybody.

A few short months later he passed.

One of his wishes was that anything that was given to him by one of his children or grandchildren, went back to them. So I got back the bracelet I had made for him. (18g HP4-1) This was especially meaningful for me since I didn’t get to make myself something out of the silver as I had pretty much ran out after making something for everybody else. (We have a large family) I cherish it to this day and only wear it on special occasions.

A few months later when the family gathered to finish up estate issues, one of my Aunts happened to find 2 chainmaille purses. After much discussion (and later research) it was found that these actually originally belonged to my grandfathers grandmother. This dates them back to early 1900, possibly even late 1800.

To shorten this up a little, I now have 2 chainmaille purses that not only have family history, but date back quite a ways.

When I got them I found a few broken links and had originally planned to repair them, including polishing them up, but have had a change of heart and have decided to leave them as is so I can have them as they were last used.

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New Anodized aluminum

We are always working hard to improve our products for you, and are happy to announce our next step.

While we do anodize our own niobium and titanium, anodizing for aluminum is very different and we are unable to do it. We have been working with a couple different companies to get a better finish and color and we are happy to say we have found two that can do just that. Here is a look of two different colors in both old and new.

Turquoise AA
Red AA

The new rings have a nice glossy finish to them.  They almost look “chromed”.  As more of our stock is replaced with the new AA we will make note of it on each listing, with the colors.

We have plans to add a couple new colors to each size we currently have, as well as adding at least one new size that you won’t find anywhere else.

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Amazing new purse

I got an email today from a customer who wanted to show us what she made with our jump rings.  I was blown away when I saw the pictures.  Not only is this a very original idea, but it is very cool in my opinion.  I have had the pleasure of seeing one of her all chainmaille purses in person and have to say she does some great work.  If you want a chainmaille purse, from ordinary, to something one of a kind, drop her a note and see what she can come up with for you.  You can find her etsy shop here.

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More news.

As I mentioned in our last entry, we have some big news coming up here at C&T.  Well, it stacking up as more was finalized today.  We have a couple more things to take care of, then we will start the announcements.  Have I peaked your curiosity yet?

In other events of the day, I thought I’d do something I have not actively done here before, and that’s feature another artist.  Sure, we have our little favorites off to the right here, but let look at something bigger.  I hope to do a couple of these a month, and they will always feature somebody who I think has done something outstanding with our rings.

Lets start out with Jessica over at RedPanda.  If you have never seen her stuff, go have a look.  Lots of colors, lots of “stretch” designs, not to mention, what I call, Big and Bold. 

We have custom made jump rings for her on several occasions, but when she posted these earrings tonight, well, it’s one of those things that make you go wow.

Not only is this a really cool design in my opinion, you have to understand just how tiny these rings are.  They are 22g, sized just for JPL, which makes them some of the smallest 22g a chainmailler would use.  They were loads of fun to make for her.

Anyway, go have a look at her shop, and all the cool stuff she has. 

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Because I like to, and because we like to make sure your paying attention, we have a couple of HUGE announcements in the coming weeks.  I’ll make the first one in 2 weeks, followed an even bigger one the following week.  Trust me, you won’t want to miss these.  Both of these will be posted on twitter first, so if you don’t want to miss out, and you don’t already follow us, add @candtdesigns to get it even before we announce it here.

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We love our customers!

We have always striven to have great rings, and I think our customers will agree, they are among the best. (Both the rings and customers) Here is a recent comment we got:

Always a great pleasure to do business with. I’ll keep coming back! Your stainless steel rings have made me a fan of stainless, finally. I’ve never seen better. These rings have THE best finish, THE smoothest seams, and THE highest quality of any chainmaille rings I’ve purchased.

We continue to work hard to improve even more.  Some would say that’s not possible, but I believe there is always room for improvement.  Take our recent change in how we clean our bright aluminum rings.  I am confident you won’t find shinier aluminum rings ANYWHERE.

I know what you are thinking, it’s easy to say, why don’t you back it up.  OK, I will.  If you get bright aluminum rings from us and you don’t think they are the shiniest you have ever seen, I will buy them back.  I’ll even refund your postage.  No questions asked.  Simply call or e-mail us to let us know you are sending them back and as soon as we get them we will send you a refund.

Now for the “fine print”

1.  Only valid for rings purchased from today on.

2.  Rings must be in original packaging.

3.  Only unused rings will be accepted back.  If you have used some then decide you want to send them back, refund will only be given for weight returned.

4.  Refund given in the same manner as payment

5.  Rings must be returned within 2 weeks of your receipt of them.  We think that gives you enough time to look them over.