best payday loans Square jump rings, red brass on it’s way

As most already know, we have put in many size of copper square jump rings in our store.  These have proven to be very popular.  There have been many requests for other sizes, and we are working on those.  16g copper should be here by the end of the week.  Tell us what you want to make with it, we will work on sizes for you.
funds supply
We are also working on stainless steel and Silver sizes. If that wasn’t enough, we have secured a small amount of square red brass in both 18 and 20g.

That’s right.  Red brass square wire.  We have not seen this anywhere else, so we are very excited to be able to offer it to you here.  Once we have it here we will be converting our copper sizes into red brass.  They should be completly compatible, so if you want to mix metals, go for it.

Once we have it cut, we will post some pictures for you, so stay tuned!

Shaking up the store with new items.

We took some time this weekend and made some changes in the store.  We used to have a “supply” section that was everything tool and supply related that was not jump rings.  Well, we added a number of new products and to hopefully make it easier for you, we seperated the old supply section into instructional, findings, and tools.

Instructional is books for now, but will eventually get our own tutorials.

Findings is, well, findings.  From our own niobium earwires, to toggles and lobster claws.  We have 2 new handmade niobium clasps that will be put up in the next day, with at least one more to come next week, so stay tuned to this area!

Tools, is tools.  My favorite section!  We have added a few more tools here, with more in the comming days.

As we continue to grow we will be expanding all of these sections.  If there is something specific you would like to see us carry, feel free to let us know and we will do our best to find it.

And remember, It’s in the Maille!

C&T Designs now featured at Envi

We are happy to announce some of our unique creations can now be purchased at Envi in Old Colorado City.  They currently have a selection of earrings and bracelts, and we hope to expand that in the near future.  If you are in the area, stop by and say hi to Gary and Marci and tell them C&T sent you.

For other stores that carry our designs, see our locations page.

Etsy Chainmaillers Team Trunk Show

Come join us on Sept. 14th in the Etsy Virtual Labs for a Trunk Show.  Team members will be on hand to talk about chainmaille in general, but will also talk about some of their creations and how they do what they do.  The excitement starts at 7:00 pm EST.

You will also be able to vote on our “Linked to the Sea” contest.

Red Tape

About a month ago the United States Air Force Academy called me.  The art director there is a former student of mine and she was inquiring about me coming out there to teach.  Fast foward to yesterday when she called me again.  She needed some information from me.  Seems in order for me to teach there, I have to be put on a government contract.  I gave her the information she needed and she told me that I would get a call in a week or so from somebody higher up in the system to verifiy and get yet more info.

Seems like an aweful lot of work just to let me come on the base (which is an open base) and teach.