New rings in stock

We are still working on getting all our bronze rings up on the site.  One last batch is in the tumbler getting all purdy for you, then they will all be added.  In the mean time we took the opportunity to add 3 new rings for you.  First up we have 2 new niobium sizes.  18g, 3/16 and 18g, 1/4″.  We have also started stocking a new anodized aluminum size as we have had a number of requests for it.  16g, 5/16″ is now available in limited quantities.  If these prove to be something you want us to keep, we will.

Remember, It’s in the Maille.

18g SWG niobium back in stock

We received our wire shipment today and have been feverishly making rings.  All are marked back in stock and are ready to be shipped.  For those that ordered while they were out, will be shipping orders tomorrow.  You will receive your shipping confirmation once your order has been packed.

We have new sized rings planned, as well as more color options for our current ring sizes.  All of these should be added to the store next week.

18 gauge AWG niobium wire coming soon!

Our current niobium wire is 18g SWG.  This means it’s about .045″ in diameter.  No big deal in some cases, but if your like us and like to mix metals it can pose a problem.  Well, we have solved that problem!  In a few weeks we will have 18g AWG (.040″) in stock.  This will mix perfectly with our sterling silver for a splash of color.  Once the wire arrives will make a few different ring sizes and put them up in the shop.  If you want a specific size made, let us know and we will put you on a priority list.  Pricing will run $22-$25 oz, and of course we can anodize it.  (Yes, even our popular “rainbow” pattern)

And remember, It’s in the Maille!