Anodized aluminum

We get questions almost daily about AA.  Some are easy to answer, some are not.  Some we are not ready to answer.  This post will take care of some of all of those.
First, we want to remind you we have a page set up specifically to show what AA is out at the anodizer and being worked on.  You can find it here:

AA stock page

Now, what’s not on that list.  12g AA.  Have no fear, all the colors we don’t currently have in stock are out at the anodizer in addition to what is on that list.  All of the 12g rings, and most of what is on that list, we hope to have back in just over a week.  There are a couple that will take a week or so longer.

Also not on that list, but at the anodizer (and in the little longer category) is 20g 1/8″ Black.  That’s right, we have started making 20g AA.  This is a long term project.  The rings are so little, they take so long to make, so we have paced this project for the YEAR.  The listing for them is already up on our site, but only available colors are up. (Currently just red)  As we get colors back, we will add them.  We chose to do it this way so our “Notify when back in stock” feature doesn’t get flooded.

Can you handle a second surprise?
If not, stop reading now, if you think you can, read on.
We are also starting to make 16g 3/16″ AA.  They should start showing up in a little over a month.  These are a little faster to make, so we are likely to put up a block of colors at a time.

As always, we are happy to look at making other sizes, but we need to hear from you to do so.  So, if there is another size you would like to see us do, let us know.

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AA survey

A couple of weeks ago we had a little survey on AA (Anodized aluminum). We thought we would share some of the results, and what we are doing.

First up, for green. You overwhelmingly told us you wanted 2 shades of green. So that is what we are doing. In fact, the first (16g 1/4″) Dark green should show up in the next couple days, followed by light green (same size) late next week. As we run out of the single green we had in any given size, we will replace it with the light/dark combo.

Given the option of a matte black in addition to our current gloss black, it was close, but it looks like you want it. We will start on these sometime in the next month and a half or so.

For a new size, we asked if you would prefer 16g 7/32″ or 16g 3/16″. This wasn’t even close. 16g 7/32″ won hands down. Once we have most of the currently out of stock size and colors caught up, we will start on these. This puts it somewhere around summer.

There was not a lot of interest in an etched ring, so at this point we don’t intend to proceed with it. Don’t worry, as always if things change and more people express interest, we will look at it again.

There was a lot of interest in a UV reactive ring. So much so that we already have them, though currently only in 16g 1/4″. If the interest in these proves to be good, we will expand the sizes we do them in. These proved to be very hard to photograph, but under black light they glow a nice off white (reminds us of white out for some reason)

Now, we also had a comment section, and there was a single question that was put in far more than any other, or any comment, so we wanted to address it again.
The question was in regard to 20g AA, and if we were going to get more colors, if we were ever going to do them, or why we didn’t have any.
We have always been very open about these, and the fact we stopped doing them as we were not happy with them. Color inconsistency, splotching, and the color not matching close to the larger sizes. We have also always been open about the fact that if these were corrected to our satisfaction we would have another look at getting them done.
That being said, over the course of the last 2 months or so, there has been some improvements in the process used for our rings, and we think it’s time to try these again. Our plan is to have a test batch run in the next month or so. If they work out, we will start getting both 20g 1/8″ and 20g 5/32″ done in all our current colors. Until we know for sure if they will work out, we won’t speculate on a time frame, but know that we are looking at it.

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New Anodized aluminum

We are always working hard to improve our products for you, and are happy to announce our next step.

While we do anodize our own niobium and titanium, anodizing for aluminum is very different and we are unable to do it. We have been working with a couple different companies to get a better finish and color and we are happy to say we have found two that can do just that. Here is a look of two different colors in both old and new.

Turquoise AA
Red AA

The new rings have a nice glossy finish to them.  They almost look “chromed”.  As more of our stock is replaced with the new AA we will make note of it on each listing, with the colors.

We have plans to add a couple new colors to each size we currently have, as well as adding at least one new size that you won’t find anywhere else.

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New items

As some of you have already noticed, we have added a few new products.  20g 1/8″ enameled copper rings are becoming available as we get them cut.  Only a couple of colors are up in the store as of right now, but we do have a few more colors ready.  They should be listed by Sunday.  We will also be listing 20g 5/32″ in a few colors at the same time.

We will also be listing a new anodized aluminum size.  18g, 5/32″ should be listed on Sunday as well.

Due to many requests we have brought in 20g half round copper and red brass wire for our wire wrapping friends.  We hope to have these listed for you on Sunday as well.

18g half round copper and red brass should be available next week.  We plan on making some jump rings out of this wire, though rings are probably a couple weeks away.

New storage bags and anti tarnish tabs have been added, and a few items that were out of stock, including tool magic, are now available again.

We do have more bright aluminum sizes cut, but we need to get actual measurements before I list them.  They should be available by next week.

In other news, we have agreed to help out a fellow local (fe)mailler, and student at her first show in a couple of weeks.  I will post exact times of the show in another post Monday.

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New rings in stock

We are still working on getting all our bronze rings up on the site.  One last batch is in the tumbler getting all purdy for you, then they will all be added.  In the mean time we took the opportunity to add 3 new rings for you.  First up we have 2 new niobium sizes.  18g, 3/16 and 18g, 1/4″.  We have also started stocking a new anodized aluminum size as we have had a number of requests for it.  16g, 5/16″ is now available in limited quantities.  If these prove to be something you want us to keep, we will.

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