On the Edge Designs

In our newest “On the Edge Designs” we give you a simple design that can be made several different ways with just a few minor adjustments.

First the original, Stainless steel orbital tube bead 2-2 chain


19mm SS clasp

SS Tube Beads 

16g SS 5/16 jump ring (for clasp)

18g SS 3/16 jump rings (1 extra to attach clasp)

16g SS ½ jump rings


Basic construction- open one large ring, scoop two small, close all three, weave a second large ring through the two small rings and close.  Thread the two small rings through the center of a rondelle bead.  Open a large ring and weave through the two small rings without going through the rondelle.  Add two small rings to the large ring and close.  Weave a second large ring through the same path.  Continue on until chain is desired length.


For a little twist, literally, increase the 18g 3/16″ rings to 18g 13/64″, and you can mobius the large rings.
stainless-tube-bracelet-mobius stainless-tube-bracelet-mobius2








And if you want a smaller version, we have that covered too.

stainless-rondell-bracelet stainless-rondell-bracelet212mm SS Lobster Clasp

SS Rondelle Beads

1 20g 3/32 SS ring (to attach clasp)

20g ⅛  SS jump rings

18g 3/16 SS jump rings (1 extra for clasp)


Basic construction- open one large ring, scoop two small, close all three, weave a second large ring through the two small rings and close.  Thread the two small rings through the center of a rondelle bead.  Open a large ring and weave through the two small rings without going through the rondelle.  Add two small rings to the large ring and close.  Weave a second large ring through the same path.  Continue on until chain is desired length.

January Gauntlet results

Voting is now over and we have a TIE!!!

We had some wonderful entries, here is a look at them again. (all thumbnails will open a larger picture)
2471AB_alt2 bwpq Byzantine Bracelet gb lm msgb randolphgauntletentryjan1 randolphgauntletentryjan2 romanov Swarovski Square Byzantine Bracelet

























We had a really good turn out of votes as well, and we still managed a tie.  Without further ado, here are your winners


Byzy Barrels bracelet4

Karen Snyder from Karen Snyder’s O. Sebastian






Autumn Necklace 29 Jan 2014


Jennifer Parrish from WXdruid chainmail







Congratulations to our winners, your C&T account now has a $25 credit, and a big thank you to all our entries.  The February Gauntlet has been announced, so get your entries in!







This year we are planning lots of things for you, some we have already announced.  We have already added a bunch of new products with more on the way.  We also have a few changes in the works.  Some of them “Behind the scenes”, some you may not even know we did.

Did you know we had a wholesale program?  Well, we do.  And we just made some big changes to to it to try and make it easier for everybody.

We have put the major details in a little blurb here, so you can see it anytime, and we can update it as needed.

And remember, It’s in the Maille!

Edge Metal Elegance

In our announcement yesterday for The Gauntlet, we promised to tell you a little more about Lauren from Edge Metal Elegance.
Lauren has been a customer of ours for many years, and we think she does some awesome work.  That’s partly why we chose her to be the featured artist in the first Gauntlet.

But wait, there’s more……….

Even though she is the first to be featured, she will not be eligible to win.  <gasp>

ambassadorWe are happy to announce we have formed a working relationship with her, and we now consider her part of Team Awesome. Look, we even gave her, her very own parking spot.





So, what is it she will be doing you ask?  Good question.  Because we think she does some awesome work, and has some great ideas, she will be passing some of those design ideas on to you.
In a new feature here on our blog, every couple of weeks we will post a new design idea for you to have fun with.  Sometimes we will just give you picture and a supply list and let you have at it.  Sometimes we will make kits available, and sometimes, for the more advanced designs, we will also make new tutorials.  We will call this new feature “On the Edge Designs”


So without further ado, here is her first design idea for you.
7chaintaperThese are a 7 chain taper earring.
Supply list:
1 pr earwires
2 16g 7/16″ stainless steel jump rings
14 20g 1/8″ stainless steel jump ring
14 sections style 3 stainless steel curb chain (total of 12.35 inches) cut as follows:
2 x seven link sections
4 x Six link sections
4 x 5 link sections
4 x 4 link sections.

Starter kits

Sometimes we are sneaky and add a product to our store before we are done with the whole product line.  There are many reason we do it, but bottom line is we do.

Sometimes our customers are even sneakier and find those products before we announce them.

This happened last night.  In a big way.  Last week we started playing with the idea of a chainmaille starter kit.  An all in one, comprehensive package of rings, findings, and tutorials to get a person started.  The first one we made up was in aluminum.

Starter kit, bright aluminum. 

Last night  a LOT of you found it.  The first person ordered it, then we received many notifications for people that wanted to know when it was back in stock, so we wanted to address some questions that we are sure you have.

First, we will get the aluminum kits made back up as soon as we can.  Unfortunately one of the dot boxes we used in it is currently out of stock.  Even our supplier is out.  So we have to wait for them.

Second, yes, we do plan on doing other metals, and we believe we can do those without the same box we are out of.  The other metals don’t fill the same volume as the BA, so the box doesn’t have to be quite as big.  We hope to be able to start putting these up by the end of the week.

Pliers……the kits contain everything but pliers, why?  We are working on a new feature in the store that would allow you to pick your own pliers (of any that we carry) and add them to the starter kit, at a reduced price.  We also hope to have that done in the VERY near future.

Something else you want to ask about them?  Let us know, and we will get you an answer.

And remember, It’s in the Maille!


We told you it was coming, and here it is.  We are officially in our new space and have started working on it to fit us.  First thing was to knock down some walls so the two spaces were connected.


As much as we like making things, we like tearing stuff down too.   Mike got to take the first swing and show the drywall who’s boss.




As we have mentioned, most of our expansion will be behind the scenes.  We are adding more storage space, more shop space, offices for the whole staff, and at some point next year we hope to expand our showroom.  However, if you are local to us, and wanted us to do more classes, you are in luck.  One of the other things we are doing right away is making a training center.  In fact, it’s already done.


If you are interested in taking classes from us, we have an email list you can sign up for in the store, or drop us a note here and we can get you added as well.  We hope to do a general “Maille day” before the end of the month.  This will be a day for everybody to come in and meet other maillers in the area, chat, share tip and tricks, and in general relax.  This will be at no cost, and while a member of C&T Staff will be there, they will be there in the same capacity and not there to actually teach anything specific.

If you have a specific pattern you really want us to teach, let us know.  We try to base our classes on what you want us to do.


And remember, It’s in the Maille.

Store usage

We have received a few questions about the new shopping cart, and there seems to be a couple that keep getting asked, so we thought we would try to help explain.


To enter a coupon, you have to view your cart.  Using the quick checkout will not enable you to enter a coupon code.


In the upper left hand corner you will see a brief outline of your shopping cart.  You can either click the shopping bag and go to your cart, or click the items, which will then open a larger view, and click the “view cart” button.




Once you have your cart open, under your items, you will see “What would you like to do next?”


You have the option of entering a coupon code, entering a gift voucher (gift certificate), or seeing all shipping options and prices.

Choose which you would like, and enter your information.

After that is done, you will have the opportunity to enter billing/shipping address, edit shipping method, enter payment and complete your order.


As a special note, we had it set by default that you must be logged in to apply any code.  We have now changed it so you can enter it at any time, but you will still have to be logged in to check out.



One of the big new features is that you can order any quantity you want of an item (over a set minimum)
On any given product page, under the price and pricing discounts, you will see the quantity box


This box is originally populated with the minimum for that item.  You can use the  + or – buttons to change the quantity, but these will only increase (or decrease) by 1.  If you would like to order 3.50 oz of a ring, you will need to type it in.  If you change the number, then try to add less than the minimum quantity, it will let you add it to the cart, but it won’t let you check out.  It will show you which item you have that is less than the minimum.


We are sure there will be other questions that are worth an explanation here, and we will continue to do so.  Don’t be shy, let us know if you don’t understand something.  Chances are if you don’t, somebody else doesn’t either.

And remember, It’s In The Maille!







New shopping cart

A while back we asked you want you wanted in a shopping cart. We have told you we were hard at work on it. Well, we are almost there. We hope to launch our new cart this weekend, but we though we would give you a sneak peek at what is in store.

Aside from a new look, with streamlined navigation, we have added a number of new features.



You will be able to purchase any quantity of an item you would like. There will be a minimum for each item that originally populates the quantity, but feel free to change it to anything over that. You will also notice that we still have our built in quantity discounts. The more you buy, the more you save.





We understand your disappointment when you go to that item you wanted and it’s out of stock. You keep looking, and it’s still not there. Well, now you don’t have to. Sign up and be notified by email when any item is put back in stock.





You wanted a better wish list, and now you have it.  You can have multiple wish lists, name them all, move items between wishlists, move items into your cart, share items on twitter or facebook so your friends know what you want.  You can even email a list to somebody so they can go shopping for you.




Our PDF downloads for tutorial are popular, but sometimes we know they can be lost.  Even on your computer, we know it can end up going *poof*.  So we give you a new download center.  This will keep track of all your PDF downloads, and if you loose one, you can download it again.  There will be a limit on how many times you can replace it, so it is still up to you to try and keep them safe.  It will also only keep track of your downloads moving forward (nothing from the old cart)



Can you expect more?  Of course you can.  We have plenty of more awesome for you, but we don’t want to give it all away just yet.
In the week following the launch of the new cart, you can expect a number of giveaways, specials, and general awesomeness to celebrate the Grand Re-opening of our shopping cart, so keep your eyes out.

And remember, It’s in the Maille.

AA survey

A couple of weeks ago we had a little survey on AA (Anodized aluminum). We thought we would share some of the results, and what we are doing.

First up, for green. You overwhelmingly told us you wanted 2 shades of green. So that is what we are doing. In fact, the first (16g 1/4″) Dark green should show up in the next couple days, followed by light green (same size) late next week. As we run out of the single green we had in any given size, we will replace it with the light/dark combo.

Given the option of a matte black in addition to our current gloss black, it was close, but it looks like you want it. We will start on these sometime in the next month and a half or so.

For a new size, we asked if you would prefer 16g 7/32″ or 16g 3/16″. This wasn’t even close. 16g 7/32″ won hands down. Once we have most of the currently out of stock size and colors caught up, we will start on these. This puts it somewhere around summer.

There was not a lot of interest in an etched ring, so at this point we don’t intend to proceed with it. Don’t worry, as always if things change and more people express interest, we will look at it again.

There was a lot of interest in a UV reactive ring. So much so that we already have them, though currently only in 16g 1/4″. If the interest in these proves to be good, we will expand the sizes we do them in. These proved to be very hard to photograph, but under black light they glow a nice off white (reminds us of white out for some reason)

Now, we also had a comment section, and there was a single question that was put in far more than any other, or any comment, so we wanted to address it again.
The question was in regard to 20g AA, and if we were going to get more colors, if we were ever going to do them, or why we didn’t have any.
We have always been very open about these, and the fact we stopped doing them as we were not happy with them. Color inconsistency, splotching, and the color not matching close to the larger sizes. We have also always been open about the fact that if these were corrected to our satisfaction we would have another look at getting them done.
That being said, over the course of the last 2 months or so, there has been some improvements in the process used for our rings, and we think it’s time to try these again. Our plan is to have a test batch run in the next month or so. If they work out, we will start getting both 20g 1/8″ and 20g 5/32″ done in all our current colors. Until we know for sure if they will work out, we won’t speculate on a time frame, but know that we are looking at it.

As always, It’s in the Maille!