On the Edge Designs

At last, we bring you another installment of On the Edge Designs, and we think it’s worth the wait.

Lauren has come up with a multifunctional chain that we think is pretty cool.  Dubbed the Metamorphosis Chain, it can be worn as a belt or a lariat type necklace.


metamorphosys metamorphosys2  The available tutorial is 8 pages with step by step instructions, illustrations, and materials list complete with 2 sets of ring size suggestions so you can make it just the way you would like.

February Gauntlet voting

February is in the history books, and with it we get just a little bit closer to summer.  More to our point, the February Gauntlet is now open for voting.  Again, we had some great entries, so go have a look and vote for your favorite.   Remember, voting is open for 1 week.

We will be announcing the challenge for March very soon, so stay tuned.


And Remember, It’s in the Maille!

Starburst necklace

We have another neat little design for you, this time courtesy of Leayn at Anthelion Jewelry ( Facebook , Website )  She is calling this the Starburst necklace.


Materials list:

130—18g 5/32″ ID steel rings (or as shown 58 steel, 72 bronze—8 of the steel are connector rings to link chain to byzantine segments)
10—18g 1/4″ ID steel rings
4—Stainless steel tube beads 11mm
4 sections of Style 1 steel chain—3″ each
4 sections of Style 1 steel chain—7″ each (adjust to preferred total length, this makes about a 22-23″ necklace)
1 stainless steel 12 mm lobster clasp


bust pendant whole

January Gauntlet results

Voting is now over and we have a TIE!!!

We had some wonderful entries, here is a look at them again. (all thumbnails will open a larger picture)
2471AB_alt2 bwpq Byzantine Bracelet gb lm msgb randolphgauntletentryjan1 randolphgauntletentryjan2 romanov Swarovski Square Byzantine Bracelet

























We had a really good turn out of votes as well, and we still managed a tie.  Without further ado, here are your winners


Byzy Barrels bracelet4

Karen Snyder from Karen Snyder’s O. Sebastian






Autumn Necklace 29 Jan 2014


Jennifer Parrish from WXdruid chainmail







Congratulations to our winners, your C&T account now has a $25 credit, and a big thank you to all our entries.  The February Gauntlet has been announced, so get your entries in!






On the Edge

We promised you we would do these pretty regularly, so here is our next installment of “On the Edge designs”
This is a weave that’s been around a while, with a few different names, but Lauren gives it a little twist with our “stardust” beads.

rgfCelestialladderThese earrings use:
1 pr earwires
12m 3mm stardust beads
12, 20g 3/16″ Jump rings
20, 20g 3/32″ jump rings

For this project, we have made kits in Rose gold fill, Yellow gold fill and Silver fill

If you prefer, you can even use plain beads in the above metals, and we even have beads in copper if that’s your thing.


Edge Metal Elegance

In our announcement yesterday for The Gauntlet, we promised to tell you a little more about Lauren from Edge Metal Elegance.
Lauren has been a customer of ours for many years, and we think she does some awesome work.  That’s partly why we chose her to be the featured artist in the first Gauntlet.

But wait, there’s more……….

Even though she is the first to be featured, she will not be eligible to win.  <gasp>

ambassadorWe are happy to announce we have formed a working relationship with her, and we now consider her part of Team Awesome. Look, we even gave her, her very own parking spot.





So, what is it she will be doing you ask?  Good question.  Because we think she does some awesome work, and has some great ideas, she will be passing some of those design ideas on to you.
In a new feature here on our blog, every couple of weeks we will post a new design idea for you to have fun with.  Sometimes we will just give you picture and a supply list and let you have at it.  Sometimes we will make kits available, and sometimes, for the more advanced designs, we will also make new tutorials.  We will call this new feature “On the Edge Designs”


So without further ado, here is her first design idea for you.
7chaintaperThese are a 7 chain taper earring.
Supply list:
1 pr earwires
2 16g 7/16″ stainless steel jump rings
14 20g 1/8″ stainless steel jump ring
14 sections style 3 stainless steel curb chain (total of 12.35 inches) cut as follows:
2 x seven link sections
4 x Six link sections
4 x 5 link sections
4 x 4 link sections.

Introducing The Gauntlet: Monthly Maille Throwdown

Want to have some fun?
Want to test your abilities?
Want to be challenged?

Well, here it is.
Introducing The Gauntlet: Monthly Maille Throwdown.
Every month is a new contest, with a new theme.  A featured artist versus everybody else.  Last one standing gets a $25 store credit to C&T Designs, bragging rights, and will be the featured artist the next month.
A complete list of rules can be found here

First months challenge?
Byzantine.  Anything and everything byzantine.  Byzantine variants, byzantine with beads, byzantine with other weaves.
Need some examples?
biasbyz-002     bastardbyz-001bbyz-001chainbyz





Since this is new and we don’t have a winner for last month, hence no featured artist, we have picked one.  Lauren of Edge Metal Elegance.  We will tell you a little bit more about Lauren in a post tomorrow.

New square wire rings

We have received lots of requests to be able to make a square dragonscale with both rings the same gauge, and other than 20g. So with that we have made 18-M rings. Copper and stainless steel are already up in the store. Bronze and red brass will follow shortly.

We have also made a new size…..”N” Also up in the store in copper and stainless 18 gauge, with others to follow. This is the large ring we used to make the Viper basket below. (with a 18-G small ring)

Viper Basket

Let the Riot begin!

Last Saturday marked another fundraiser for the Rocky Mountain Riot, the local co-ed banked roller derby team. Delia Doom, one of the team members ordered a chainmaille bikini top, epilates, and D ring chain to accent a corset she recently bought.  She wore it for the first time at this event.

The bikini top was made by me  from 16g 5/16 BA and EPDM, using a  traditional European 6-1 wave. Shoulder epilates were created by Curt and I using scales and accenting spikes. While the chain connecting the two D rings on the corset was made with a  Celtic visions weave  in square stainless 16-K and 18-G  by Curt

The entire outfit looked incredible together, she truly fit the part of a roller derby gal.

(Click pictures for larger version)

Here is a close up of the epilates.

Make sure to also check out their team site at http://www.rockymountainriot.com/