March Gauntlet voting

Sorry for the delay, but with all the April 1 shenanigans going on yesterday we wanted to wait to post this for you.
The Gauntlet for March is now closed and voting is open here.  Go have a look and vote for your favorite!
Voting is open for 1 week, and we will announce the April Gauntlet challenge shortly.

February Gauntlet voting

February is in the history books, and with it we get just a little bit closer to summer.  More to our point, the February Gauntlet is now open for voting.  Again, we had some great entries, so go have a look and vote for your favorite.   Remember, voting is open for 1 week.

We will be announcing the challenge for March very soon, so stay tuned.


And Remember, It’s in the Maille!

January Gauntlet results

Voting is now over and we have a TIE!!!

We had some wonderful entries, here is a look at them again. (all thumbnails will open a larger picture)
2471AB_alt2 bwpq Byzantine Bracelet gb lm msgb randolphgauntletentryjan1 randolphgauntletentryjan2 romanov Swarovski Square Byzantine Bracelet

























We had a really good turn out of votes as well, and we still managed a tie.  Without further ado, here are your winners


Byzy Barrels bracelet4

Karen Snyder from Karen Snyder’s O. Sebastian






Autumn Necklace 29 Jan 2014


Jennifer Parrish from WXdruid chainmail







Congratulations to our winners, your C&T account now has a $25 credit, and a big thank you to all our entries.  The February Gauntlet has been announced, so get your entries in!






Introducing The Gauntlet: Monthly Maille Throwdown

Want to have some fun?
Want to test your abilities?
Want to be challenged?

Well, here it is.
Introducing The Gauntlet: Monthly Maille Throwdown.
Every month is a new contest, with a new theme.  A featured artist versus everybody else.  Last one standing gets a $25 store credit to C&T Designs, bragging rights, and will be the featured artist the next month.
A complete list of rules can be found here

First months challenge?
Byzantine.  Anything and everything byzantine.  Byzantine variants, byzantine with beads, byzantine with other weaves.
Need some examples?
biasbyz-002     bastardbyz-001bbyz-001chainbyz





Since this is new and we don’t have a winner for last month, hence no featured artist, we have picked one.  Lauren of Edge Metal Elegance.  We will tell you a little bit more about Lauren in a post tomorrow.

New Contest!!

Is everyone ready?

This is going to be a multi day contest that will be focused around a single picture. The winner must correctly guess what is in the picture. Sounds too easy? Well the picture posted will be distorted in some way.

The rules:

– Everyone is permitted one guess per day.

– The first correct guess wins. This guess must be reasonably specific. No general guesses will win.

– Either Curt or I will post a new picture each day until we have a winner. So make sure to check back daily 🙂

– A prize has already been picked for the winner. Yet the prize will not be revealed until the winner is selected, since there is a chance the prize can be used as a hint.

Ready to start playing? Well the first picture has been posted below! Good luck to everyone!


New picture and hint  for 9/13

This image features one of my favorite weaves.



Here is your new image for 9/14

It’s not as intimidating as the name sounds, or this picture looks.



And it looks like Jill is our winner.  Frann, you were very close with your first guess, but you were not quite specific enough.  It is in fact a dragonscale tattoo on my forearm.

And our prize is an argentium/niobium dragonsquare earring kit.

Like the pine trees lining the winding road

I’ve got a name!

First, thanks to everybody who participated in our “I need a name” contest.  We had a lot of great suggestions and there were a number of them that stood out to me, but I decided to go with “Acute Helm” as was suggested by Christy.  I’m still not sure what I will call the variant, but we are tossing around ideas here.

There was also another suggestion that as soon as I saw it I knew it was perfect for the other new weave that I mentioned but didn’t post a picture of.

You can see it has a very wavy look to it.  I had in my head that I wanted to name it something to do with water, so Jill’s suggestion of Hydroglyph just seemed perfect to me.

Christy and Jill I will contact you shortly to see which one you would like.

For everybody else who was interested in the original pattern, tutorials (both hardcopy and downloadable) are up in the store.  BA/AA and Argentium and niobium kits should be up by tomorrow.

Remember, It’s In the Maille!

I need a name

Last week I was playing with a pattern I had in my head and I ended up with something not quite what I was looking for, but I also ended up with a new weave.  Well, two weaves actually and a variant, but we’ll get to that later.

I’ve never been good at naming things so I asked for some suggestions here at the shop and didn’t get anything, so now I come to you.  Here are a few pictures of it first. (click on the picture for larger version)

BA 16g 11/32 and 18g 7/32
18-K and 20-C square wire
18-K argentium and 19g 3.50mm niobium
18-K argentium and 19g 3.50mm niobium

And a quick one of the variant.

18-K and 20-C square wire

So, I need a name for this and I am asking for your help, and to make it fun I’ll make it a give away.

Here are the details:

Leave a comment here with your suggestion.

One suggestion per comment.

Leave as many comments as you like.

Next Friday, (July 30th) I will pick the name I like best.

If I pick your suggestion, I will send you a kit with instructions to make your own.  (so be sure to leave a way for me to contact you)

It’s just that simple.

Remember, It’s in the Maille!