Sizing square wire rings.

Square rings don’t follow the traditional AR rules because of the corners. If you would like more of an explanation on that, you can read our article
Square wire, why AR does not work.

So instead of AR and ID, we us letters as a kind of AR substitute. All rings in any gauge with the same letter will make the same weaves. For example- 20A, 18A, and 16A all work for jens pind, regardless of the type of metal. C rings work for Byz, helm, euro 4-1, and dragonscale, G rings make box chain, K rings are perfect for HP 4-1, I rings make jpl5 for sure, m rings are the outer rings for dragonscale and helm chain. Generally, but not always, if a ring will work for one weave, it will work for other weaves that have the same AR. So G rings make box chain and elf weave has the same AR as box chain in round wire, so it should work even though it’s not listed.  On the bottom of every page we have a link to our ring guide that will show you what rings can be used with what weaves.  This list is by no means complete, and we will continue to add to it as we try more patterns.  We also have a link to our “Help Zone” which includes a print out that will show you actual size of each of these rings when printed at full size.

Ring and weave guide
Help zone
Square wire printable chart (This is a PDF document that can be printed to see actual size of square wire rings.)


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