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Almost on a daily basis we get emails asking when a specific size/color AA will be back in stock.  Most of the time we have not been able to give a hard answer.  We know this is frustrating for you, and it is for us as well.  We have discussed this with our anodizer and will now have a bit more information that we can get to you.  We decided a single place that we can easily update is the best, so here it is.  If it’s not currently on this list, we don’t have an ETA.  We will update as soon as we do.  Also keep in mind, that any batch of AA can be rejected by us for quality reasons.  If all of a sudden the size/color you wanted has a new ETA, this is most likely due to us rejecting the batch and having it re-done.  Thankfully this does not happen very often.


18g 5/32″ Grey  5/17
12g 1″ Purple and blue    5/17


Need a color/size not listed?  Sign up to be notified when it is marked back in stock.  We use these notification lists to determine what gets done next.  The more people signed up for a specific size/color, the higher up the priority list it is.

4 thoughts on “AA Stock”

    1. All of our colors are listed on the website. If you open any AA size ring, pictures are available.
      Yes, we do stainless steel

    1. Unfortunately that is a size that won’t be done. The AR on that is too small to do anything with. The 16g 3/16″ will be the smallest we go in that gauge.

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