If you have been with us for any length of time, you know once in a while we work with Karen over at O Sebastian. And you should also know we have a big annual birthday sale.  This year, she has helped us out, and is giving us a new design to give away right here as a present to you.  So, without getting any wordier, here it is…….

Crosshairs Chainmaille Unit Tutorial
Created by: Karen Snyder of O. Sebastian Chainmaille Jewelry
In conjunction with Tania Schafer of C&T Designs

Crosshairs Materials List:  You will need two pairs of pliers with smooth jaws (no teeth or serrations) and a basic working knowledge of opening and closing jump rings.  Size in tutorial is the large round wire base metal.  Other material lists follow at the end of the tutorial.  Kits can be found here.

Large ring  12g (SWG) 1″  (1)
Medium ring  16g (SWG) 5/16  (12)
Small rings  16g (SWG) 3/16″  (24)


Step 1:  Assemble your materials. Close the large ring, open all of the medium rings, close 8 of the small rings and open the rest.

Step 1


Step 2: Using 8 medium rings and the 8 closed small rings, make an 8-section 2 in 2 chain. Close the ends together with the final pair of rings and you should have something that looks like the picture below.

Step 2

Step 3: Using the remaining small rings, attach the piece you just made to the inside of the large ring until you have used all of the remaining small rings.  (To adjust tightness of the pattern, additional rings can be added here)

Step 3d

Step 4: Using the remaining medium rings, capture two opposite pairs of rings.

Step 4

As you can see below, the center rings are doubled and pull the piece together at the center. When you are setting the second pair of rings in the center, these rings will capture two opposite pairs of ring while going through the center of the first pair of rings.Step 4b


This design can be done in a whole list of materials, including square, and AA.








Other size materials lists

Large units

Square wire: Large ring: 12g 1″ round wire, Medium rings: 16-K (12), Small rings: 16-A (20)
Round wire precious metals: Large ring: 10g (AWG)  1″, Medium rings: 14g (AWG) 5/16″ (12), Small rings: 14g (AWG)  3/16″ (24)

Small Unit:

Round wire base metals: Large ring: 16g (SWG) 1/2″, Medium rings: 20g (AWG)  5/32″ (12), Small rings: 20g (AWG)  3/32″ (20)

Round wire precious metals: Large ring: 14g (AWG)1/2″, Medium rings: 20g (AWG) 5/32″ (12), Small rings: 20g (AWG) 5/32″ (20)

Square wire:  Large ring  16g (SWG) 1/2″, Medium ring  20-C (10, you only have 2 rings for the middle, instead of four)  Small rings:  20-A

This tutorial is copyrighted material and all rights and design ownership remain with the author. The tutorial remains the intellectual property of Karen Snyder of O. Sebastian Chainmaille Creations, all rights reserved. Mass production of the finished product is prohibited.


***PLEASE NOTE*** All testing and finished Crosshairs units in Argentium, silver fill, stainless steel, niobium, brass, bronze, and bright and anodized aluminum were created using cut rings from C&T Designs, 4756 N. Chestnut Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80907. You can find them on the web at: . Cut rings vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, regardless of the ID (internal diameter) quoted by said manufacturers. C&T products have proven the most reliable and consistent and that consistency is critical to the success of producing the Crosshairs unit. The rings sizes and specs given in this tutorial reflect only C&T rings and successful reproduction is not guaranteed if rings from other manufacturers are used. C&T Designs is the only authorized manufacturer of Crosshairs ring packs.