Ring & Weave guide updates

If you have been around us for a while, we hope you know about the ring & weave guide, but if you don’t, or are new, we wanted to tell you about all the recent updates and upgrades we have done.

When we first started the guide, it was used to just show sizes of square wire rings, and what patterns they could be used with. This was important as normal AR does not work with them. As more people want to do more weaves, we get a lot of questions about what rings to use in round wire, so we saw the need to do something for them too. After a lot of thought we decided to put them all in one place for easy access. The guide always had the capability to sort by weave, or by size, but with the addition of lots of round wire weaves, we felt it was getting a bit cluttered. Our first order of business was to add another sort option, which was completed several weeks ago. You can now sort by round or square wire.
The next thing we noticed was our images. We found people not only want to know what rings will work, they want to see what it will look like. Over the last several weeks we have retaken all our images, and again updated the guide to show these images. Now EACH listing has it’s on image, and this is the ACTUAL sample we put together for the ring count. Each of these pictures has 2 rulers at the bottom. The top ruler is in inches, the bottom ruler in in CM. This give you a size reference so you can actually see how big (wide) the finished piece will be in any given gauge.

Now that we have the hard part behind us (programming and retaking all the images we already had up), we hope to be able to add weaves to the list on a weekly basis. This guide will be a large part of our upcoming smart phone app, so if you have suggestions for it, we would love to hear it. No guarantee we can implement your idea, but we would certainly see what we could do. (The guide is already optimized for viewing on your favorite mobile device) While many people have had their eyes on this guide over the last several weeks as we did the upgrades, there is still the chance of errors. If you happen to spot one, please let us know so we can fix it.

And just in case you need a link, you can find the ring guide here: http://ringdb.candtdesigns.com/

And remember, It’s in the Maille!