New discounts

When you shop on our site, you should notice that for any given ring there are built in quantity discounts. The more of any ring you get, the better the price is. This is set in place for some findings as well.
That’s great if you get a lot of a specific ring, or a few specific rings. It doesn’t really help you if you get a lot of different things. We have listened to you and have changed that. The discount we have in place for larger quantities on any given ring are still in place, this is in addition to, and is based on total spent. It is currently set up as follows:
$100-199.99 2%
$200-299.99 3%
$300-399.99 4%
$400-499.99 5%
$500 and up, 6%

As of right now, this is a test, and subject to change, modification, or deletion at any time. (We don’t anticipate that, but we have to mention it)

We have also received many requests to list larger quantities for any given ring. Over the course of the next few weeks we will be doing just that. This should make it easier for those that are buying rings in pounds, rather than the ounces we currently have up.

As always, we welcome suggestions and will always work hard to make our store an easy place to shop.

And remember, It’s in the Maille!

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