Moving / construction update

Hopefully by now you know we are moving in a matter of a couple days.  If you don’t follow us on facebook (you should) you may not have seen some of the updates we have been posting over there, so we thought we could put a few of them up here for you to see. (click on thumbnail to see larger picture)

So what’s new……

Here is the back production area pretty much empty.  That’s Curt’s truck in the back.






  Here is that same area getting all cleaned.

What are we going to put back here you ask?  Well, both our saws, the area for coiling, packing/shipping stations, all our tumblers, and a new larger area for going through all the rings.  Oh yea, lots of shelves too.  Some of them quite large.




  Ok, so some of the shelving isn’t so much shelving as it it pallet racking.  This will hold all our wire and some of our back stock of anodized aluminum.  It’s 25 foot long and 10ft tall.






  We know some of our local customers are quite anxious to come to the new store , which will be much easier to find.  Not only direction wise, but because of the totally awesome sign we are putting on our window.

Shipping delays for niobium products

We are currently experiencing a small issue with our niobium wire supply, and any orders containing anything niobium are currently experiencing longer than normal shipping times. This extends to any orders placed this week. We are working hard to get this corrected and expect to have everything back to normal by the end of next week.

We do apologize for the delays

Moving day

For those that subscribe to our newsletter, you are already aware, but for those that don’t, we have some big news for you.

Just about a year ago we moved into our current location and opened the worlds first retail chainmaille store.  In that year we have seen tremendous growth both in our online store, and in our retail store.  What we thought would be a location that would last us at least a couple years, has become far too small for us now.  So, guess what?  We are moving again.

Yes, again.

We will close both our online and retail store on Jan 26 at 5:00 pm MT time.  We will take the 27th, 28 and 29th to move to our new location, and open back up for shipping on Monday January 30th.  We will reopen our retail store on Feb 6th.  If you are local to us, and need rings or other supplies in that week, please feel free to come by, we can certainly get them for you, but there will be more than likely be a little “dust” as we put the finishing touches on the retail side of the store.

Once we are settled in, you can expect to see a lot more stuff from us.  We plan on stocking a number of new item you keep asking us for (Think bails, more split rings, more kits, more findings)

You can also expect to see some additions to the staff, and possibly a slight change in store hours to better accommodate your needs.

Our phone numbers will remain the same, but our new address is:

4756 North Chestnut street

Colorado Springs, CO  80907


This is about 2 blocks North West of I-25 and Garden of the Gods.


And remember, It’s In the Maille!