Shipping Delays

Due to a larger than normal influx of orders, we are experiencing some minor delays in shipping.

We are working as fast as we can to get orders filled and out, but still expect up to a 2-3 day delay in the shipment of your order. If are in need of rings right away, please plan accordingly.

Thank you for your patience, and understanding.

New Contest!!

Is everyone ready?

This is going to be a multi day contest that will be focused around a single picture. The winner must correctly guess what is in the picture. Sounds too easy? Well the picture posted will be distorted in some way.

The rules:

– Everyone is permitted one guess per day.

– The first correct guess wins. This guess must be reasonably specific. No general guesses will win.

– Either Curt or I will post a new picture each day until we have a winner. So make sure to check back daily 🙂

– A prize has already been picked for the winner. Yet the prize will not be revealed until the winner is selected, since there is a chance the prize can be used as a hint.

Ready to start playing? Well the first picture has been posted below! Good luck to everyone!


New picture and hint  for 9/13

This image features one of my favorite weaves.



Here is your new image for 9/14

It’s not as intimidating as the name sounds, or this picture looks.



And it looks like Jill is our winner.  Frann, you were very close with your first guess, but you were not quite specific enough.  It is in fact a dragonscale tattoo on my forearm.

And our prize is an argentium/niobium dragonsquare earring kit.