Let the Riot begin!

Last Saturday marked another fundraiser for the Rocky Mountain Riot, the local co-ed banked roller derby team. Delia Doom, one of the team members ordered a chainmaille bikini top, epilates, and D ring chain to accent a corset she recently bought.  She wore it for the first time at this event.

The bikini top was made by me  from 16g 5/16 BA and EPDM, using a  traditional European 6-1 wave. Shoulder epilates were created by Curt and I using scales and accenting spikes. While the chain connecting the two D rings on the corset was made with a  Celtic visions weave  in square stainless 16-K and 18-G  by Curt

The entire outfit looked incredible together, she truly fit the part of a roller derby gal.

(Click pictures for larger version)

Here is a close up of the epilates.

Make sure to also check out their team site at http://www.rockymountainriot.com/

A sad day at C&T Designs

Yesterday marked Jenn’s last day with us here at the shop.  Starting Monday she will be back at school continuing her college education, and we wish her nothing but the best.

While she will not be physically here with us, she has agreed to keep working with us remotely.  Starting next week she will be taking over most of the writing for our blog, newsletters, and facebook posts.  She will also be working on some special projects for us.

Keep your eyes peeled, we have some cool stuff coming up for you.

And remember, It’s in the Maille!