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I’ve got a name!

First, thanks to everybody who participated in our “I need a name” contest.  We had a lot of great suggestions and there were a number of them that stood out to me, but I decided to go with “Acute Helm” as was suggested by Christy.  I’m still not sure what I will call the variant, but we are tossing around ideas here.

There was also another suggestion that as soon as I saw it I knew it was perfect for the other new weave that I mentioned but didn’t post a picture of.

You can see it has a very wavy look to it.  I had in my head that I wanted to name it something to do with water, so Jill’s suggestion of Hydroglyph just seemed perfect to me.

Christy and Jill I will contact you shortly to see which one you would like.

For everybody else who was interested in the original pattern, tutorials (both hardcopy and downloadable) are up in the store.  BA/AA and Argentium and niobium kits should be up by tomorrow.

Remember, It’s In the Maille!

I need a name

Last week I was playing with a pattern I had in my head and I ended up with something not quite what I was looking for, but I also ended up with a new weave.  Well, two weaves actually and a variant, but we’ll get to that later.

I’ve never been good at naming things so I asked for some suggestions here at the shop and didn’t get anything, so now I come to you.  Here are a few pictures of it first. (click on the picture for larger version)

BA 16g 11/32 and 18g 7/32
18-K and 20-C square wire
18-K argentium and 19g 3.50mm niobium
18-K argentium and 19g 3.50mm niobium

And a quick one of the variant.

18-K and 20-C square wire

So, I need a name for this and I am asking for your help, and to make it fun I’ll make it a give away.

Here are the details:

Leave a comment here with your suggestion.

One suggestion per comment.

Leave as many comments as you like.

Next Friday, (July 30th) I will pick the name I like best.

If I pick your suggestion, I will send you a kit with instructions to make your own.  (so be sure to leave a way for me to contact you)

It’s just that simple.

Remember, It’s in the Maille!

New blog look, features

A couple weeks ago we had a facelift to the store.  That made the blog look even more outdated, so we had to do something about that.  You’ll now notice everything is nice and uniform across the site, regardless of where you go.

While we were getting that fixed, we figured why not do a little extra.  If you look up at the top of the page you will see a couple new tabs.  Customer gallery and C&T Gallery.  We will be using the C&T gallery to put up some items that hopefully will inspire you.  The customer gallery is for you to use and hopefully inspire others, so show us what you have made.

We will also be using the new gallery for a couple contests and give aways, so keep your eyes open or grab the RSS feed!

Remember, It’s in the Maille!

New square wire ring uses

We are always playing with our square wire rings to find more uses for them and pass that information on to you.  So today is the first of the updates.

Japanese Bulls eye is a pattern by our friend Rebeca over at Blue Buddha Boutique. I have always liked this pattern, and have come up with sizes in our square rings that will work for it.

These will use 16-K, 18-I and 20-C square rings.  You can also find kits for them in our shop here.

I have also confirmed that using 16-K, 18-K and 20-K rings will give you a nice graduated full persian pattern that looks great as an earring or pendant.

I have also confirmed that a 20-M argentium square ring used in combination with a 20g 1/8″ niobium ring makes a wonderful dragonscale.  The shine of the colors bouncing off the argentium is amazing.

Inspired by a customer who sent us a picture of one she had done, Jenn put together a dragontail bracelet that uses 18-K square argentium and 18g 5/32″ niobium.  We also have a kit for this bracelet here.

We will get all of these added to our square wire weave chart very soon.

Rocky Mountain Riot

There is a new sports team in town!  The Rocky Mountain Riot is a co-ed, banked track roller derby team.  We were contacted by them a couple of weeks ago and asked to help out with a fundraiser.  My brother in law is on the team, so I figured why not.  Not to mention the fact that we like roller derby anyway.  So we donated a bunch of keychains and cellphone charms to put in goody bags that were handed out at the event today, and a square stainless steel Gridlock byzantine bracelet that went in silent auction.

Because I can’t do anything the easy way, I also decided to make a new top, that Jenn ended up sporting.  It was a beautiful day for it.

We also brought a few of our glow in the dark chainmaille hacky sacks, which were a hit.  There was lots of food, 5 live bands, and a good time for all.

I don’t know who this little dude was, but he kept changing wigs and corsets and walking around saying his name was “Juanita”.  He was a hoot.

And since we did this for the team, I can’t leave you without a team picture.

They are having another event next weekend, so if you are in the area, come on out.