More news.

As I mentioned in our last entry, we have some big news coming up here at C&T.  Well, it stacking up as more was finalized today.  We have a couple more things to take care of, then we will start the announcements.  Have I peaked your curiosity yet?

In other events of the day, I thought I’d do something I have not actively done here before, and that’s feature another artist.  Sure, we have our little favorites off to the right here, but let look at something bigger.  I hope to do a couple of these a month, and they will always feature somebody who I think has done something outstanding with our rings.

Lets start out with Jessica over at RedPanda.  If you have never seen her stuff, go have a look.  Lots of colors, lots of “stretch” designs, not to mention, what I call, Big and Bold. 

We have custom made jump rings for her on several occasions, but when she posted these earrings tonight, well, it’s one of those things that make you go wow.

Not only is this a really cool design in my opinion, you have to understand just how tiny these rings are.  They are 22g, sized just for JPL, which makes them some of the smallest 22g a chainmailler would use.  They were loads of fun to make for her.

Anyway, go have a look at her shop, and all the cool stuff she has. 

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