New items

As some of you have already noticed, we have added a few new products.  20g 1/8″ enameled copper rings are becoming available as we get them cut.  Only a couple of colors are up in the store as of right now, but we do have a few more colors ready.  They should be listed by Sunday.  We will also be listing 20g 5/32″ in a few colors at the same time.

We will also be listing a new anodized aluminum size.  18g, 5/32″ should be listed on Sunday as well.

Due to many requests we have brought in 20g half round copper and red brass wire for our wire wrapping friends.  We hope to have these listed for you on Sunday as well.

18g half round copper and red brass should be available next week.  We plan on making some jump rings out of this wire, though rings are probably a couple weeks away.

New storage bags and anti tarnish tabs have been added, and a few items that were out of stock, including tool magic, are now available again.

We do have more bright aluminum sizes cut, but we need to get actual measurements before I list them.  They should be available by next week.

In other news, we have agreed to help out a fellow local (fe)mailler, and student at her first show in a couple of weeks.  I will post exact times of the show in another post Monday.

Until then, remember, It’s in the Maille!

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