More rings added

We have updated the bronze section of our store with new sizes, stats and pricing.  They are now in line with the red brass we already did.  We also finished updating for all the niobium rings we have listed.  You will notice the bigest changes here.  We combined listings for a couple sizes that had listings for different colors, and we added more colors for all sizes, including un-anodized.  We do have a couple more sizes of bronze still to list, which should be done in a few days.  We also have 2 new square red brass jump rings that will be listed as soon as we pull them out of the tumblers and get pictures.

We will be doing aluminum rings next, which will be sometime next week.  If you havn’t see it already, have a look at the post I wrote up the other day.  You won’t believe how shiny the aluminum is now.  You simply won’t find a brighter “bright” aluminum anywhere.

Remember, It’s in the Maille!

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