Rings, rings and rings

A lot of you have noticed we have been very quite of late.  Let me assure you while we may have been quiet, we have also been hard at work.

We have installed a new inventory program here so we can better track what we have in stock and what we need to order from our suppliers.  As some of you have already noticed, we have also started using it to print out our sales receipts.  We recently had to go from 1 day shipping to 2 days, but we hope these recent changes let us go back to 1 day.  Of course it will always be dependant on how many orders we have in cue at any time.

We have also been cutting LOTS of rings.  We are in the process of getting them all up on the web site, but if you want a look at what will be, have a look at the red brass section.  Not only have we listed all but a couple of what will be “stock” rings, we have changed how we display the information for our rings.  We believe this format is easier for you to read, and we have added a bit of information that was lacking before.  Soon all of the sections will look like this.

Now the really good news.  With all that we have done in the red brass section, and with the new inventory program, we took a look at our prices and made some changes.  Almost everything was lowered, and there is also now a 10% discount for anything over 1 oz.  As we add and update other sections, we anticipate being able to do the same thing to them.

Bronze will be the next section we work on, and that should be sometime next week.  Then look for the aluminum.  Somewhere between the two, we will also be adding some new niobium sizes.

As always, we welcome your suggestions and feedback.

And remember, it’s in the maille.

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