Store Updates

We have received a lot of feedback about our store lately and we have listened.  You will notice a number of changes that we hope will enhance your experience here.

First off, our ring pricing seemed a little confusing.  We used to have a base price, then as you chose larger quantites as an option, the price that was shown was an add on price.  So basically you had to take your quantity price and add it to the base price to get your total.  We have changed it so now the quantites show you the add on price in ( ) and the total for this item in [ ].  Total prices in the shopping cart will remain the same as they have been.

We have also added Google checkout as a payment option.  If you are an existing customer with a set discount (Guild members, wholesalers) it is very important that you log into your account before paying for your order or you will not get your discount.  Login used to be a requirement to place an order, but Google checkout required us to change this setting.

Again, LOG IN TO YOUR ACCOUNT if you want your discount!!

Last week we had a large influx of orders for our 18g SWG niobium rings.  So much so that we ran out.  To avoid backorders, I marked them out of stock to prevent them from being ordered.  Seems a few people still wanted to order them and were ok that it would put their order on backorder.  So, I have activated the listings again, with a note that they are out of stock and putting them on your order will delay shipment untill I have the wire and can make some more rings.  I expect our wire order to be here sometime next week.  Any order with these rings on it will be shipped on a first ordered, first shipped basis.  As these rings continue to increase in popularity we are keeping more wire on hand and will do our best to ensure we don’t run out again.

A new 18g AWG niobium ring size will be added to the store tomorrow.  This size will be perfect for JPL and can be mixed with our sterling or argentium rings of the same size.  We will have pictures of just the niobium and mixed for you to look at.

As I just finished cutting a large batch of this ring size I also took the opportunity to take pictures of all the different colors we can anodize our niobium.  This reference page will also be added tomorrow.

If you have questions or comments about anything on our site, we’d love to hear from you.  Feel free to contact us and we will get right back to you.

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