Hockey season is upon us.

So we’ve all heard about the sports widow.  Her husband gets lost in a particular sport and she has a hard time getting him to do anything during that season.  Baseball, basketball, football, it doesn’t matter.  The story’s the same.

Well, my sport is hockey, and my team is the Colorado Avalanche.  However, I am lucky enough that Tania shares my passion for it.  Last week started the hockey season.  For those that don’t know, the regular season is 82 games long, and runs through April.  If your team is lucky enough to make it into the playoffs and the Stanley Cup Finals, that takes them into June.  That means the players only have a couple months off. In my opinion hockey players are some of the best athletes around.  One of the longest seasons, most physical games, and where else do you see players playing with a broken foot, jaw, finger or a list of other injuries. (yes it really happens, though usually only in the playoffs)

Well, the Avalanche lost their first game, but they still looked pretty good.  They play again tomorrow and you can bet that we will be watching the game while weaving our latests projects.  We generally watch the first few games of the season no matter what, watch what games we can for the rest of the season depending on what else is going on in our lifes.  Come playoff time, you can usually find the Avalanche in, and us at home watching.  There’s not much that can drag us away from a playoff game, and nothing from a Stanly Cup game.

I thought it would be fun to give you some little known, relevant facts about me in some of these entries, so will will start with today’s.

I have seen and touched THE Stanley Cup.

I used to be an official for a minor league hockey team that used to be in town.

I have a very large Avalanche memorabelia collection, which includes Adam Deadmarsh steak sauce, Avalanche jelly beans and gummy hockey pucks, a remote controll Zamboni, and a plastic puck full of water from the ice the Avalanche won the Stanley Cup on in 1996.

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